name it “silbermann park” instead of “central park…


her name is state supreme court justice jacqueline silbermann and she is the winner of our “hey abbott award” for this week.


she is the judge who ruled that she owned central park and she was going to decide who can use it for what. 


silly us.  we thought that the people of the city of new york owned the park.


seventy per cent of the people of this city believe that the anti-republican demonstrators had a right to use our park for a rally.  it has nothing to do with whether or not we agree with what they have to say.


if they wanted to hold an event in the newly named “silbermann park” it was ok with us.


the honorable judge was maybe worried that the demonstrators would have hurt the grass.  perhaps she was worried that the new york city police department (who is threatening to go on strike unless it gets higher wages) would not be able to control the crowds.



it can’t be the grass thing because the park is constantly being used by commercial groups like disney.  and, if it is the cop thing, it means that we are probably paying the police more money than they are worth, if they can’t control a crowd in field in a park.


we are not surprised by the honorable judge’s ruling.  if thomas jefferson were alive today and he took a look at the new york city courts, he would probably gag.


the courts are filthy.  the court officers are rude and arrogant and the court clerks wheel and deal doing favors for their preferred attorneys.  the judges are there because they are political hacks.


the concept of a fair trial in a new york city courtroom is beyond the scope of reality.


if you are charged in a criminal court and have a “paid” attorney, you got a good chance of taking a walk.  if you are in divorce court the only concern of the judges is to see that the lawyers on both sides are making a bundle out of the deal.  go to housing court and you will see how the judges permit the landlords to warp the system so that tenants are forced to live under conditions that can be compared to the black hole of calcutta.


the honorable state supreme court justice jacqueline silbermann should take care of her own house and stop worrying about some grass in her park.


it might not be a bad idea for her to show up in any court in any part of this city incognito and watch how they operate.


if she does that, we just might buy her a riding lawnmower to use.