she was only following orders, she said….


if you want to know why airlines in the united states are having such financial trouble, look no further than jack smith jr. (chairman of delta airlines) and his two henchmen, gerald grinstein (delta ceo) and michael palumbo (delta cfo).


if it weren’t for government assistance, these three losers wouldn’t be able to last another day.


other than the fact that they are financial boobs, they will be remembered in john f. kennedy airport folk lore as the people for whom stella herrera worked.


stella (delta ticket agent supervisor at the airport) gets this week’s “hey abbott award” because she is a rat and she couldn’t be a rat without the permission and direction of jack, gerald and michael.


here is the question that was put to her at the airport this past week:


“our son who is in the united states army is going back to iraq for the second time and we would like to spend every available last minute with him.  can we please stay with him until he boards his airplane”


her curt answer was “no.”


so much for patriotism.  so much for decency.


she implied that it was really the fault of the transportation security administration and not hers and not delta’s.


this turned out to be real bullshit because the family involved got to stay with their son until he boarded the plane. it was a wonderful two hour bonus. 


guess how it happened?


an on site official with the transportation security administration to whom an appeal was made indicated that his agency would not turn away families of military personnel.


so you see, the matter was resolved in spite of the wicked witch stella.


by the way, in addition to her being a nasty bastard, her entire ticket operation was pure hysteria.  the lines were long and in complete disorder.


three other delta employees presumably subordinate to stella expressed surprise at her meanness.


so what is the bottom line?  if you have the slightest patriotism and compassion for the families of the soldiers who are going off to combat, don’t ever fly delta.


if you are a united states taxpayer, the airline is already ripping you off.


remember the names john smith, gerald grinstein and michael j. palumbo, for they will be the ones who finally kill delta airlines.


as for stella herrera, we are only guessing that she is not the mother of a child.


that may be because she looks a little like “prune face” from the dick tracy comic strip.