the world’s leading pimp and his specialty is children….


we can only guess that when thaksin shinawatra, the prime minister of thailand first heard about the tsunami, he probably exclaimed, “oh my goodness i hope not too many of our working children have been lost.”


he would have been referring to the thousands of children who serve the thailand tourist program by sexually servicing mainly german and french and swedish tourists.


the thailand tourist board would make you think the tourists are flocking there for the historical sites and the beautiful beaches.  to the contrary, the tourists go to thailand to get laid by a little boy or girl who should be in school or playing in a playground.


a specialty of the thailand children who are forced into this horrible life is oral sex.  it is a particular favorite of the germans.  being the neat race, the master race germans go for this action because they don’t have to touch the little prostitutes.  the child does all the work.


for the sneaky french, a favorite of theirs is have a child pee on them.  it is called the golden shower.  the french aren’t known for their cleanliness, so this fits right into their national profile.


the swedish nordic trash, with their bright white skin, just simply love the little asian children who have some pigment to be licked.


we give this week’s “hey abbott award” to thaksin shinawatra who you got to admit is the world’s leading pimp.  he could stop the child sex industry in thailand in about twenty seconds if he wanted to.


he gets excellent cooperation in running his cottage industry from travel agents all over the world who book special packages for child sex in thailand.  the world’s commercial airlines also work in closed co operation with the whores of thailand….and, when we say “whores” in this instance, we are referring to thaksin shinawatra and his buddies in the thai government who let this all happen.


interestingly enough, a good part of the prime minister’s academic education was in the united states.  he got a master’s degree in criminal justice at eastern kentucky university.   he got his phd in criminal justice at sam houston state university.


we shall take the liberty of presuming that he thought up the idea of forcing children into prostitution while he was in kentucky and texas.  how much do you want to bet he is well known in most of the brothels in those two states?


tahksin shinawatra will go down in the history of the world as one of the great sickos of all time.


move over josef stalin and adolf hitler.  we know you are frying in hell for all eternity.  one of these days, the world will be a better place when you are joined by thaksin shinawatra.



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