mike had a real fun time while the rest of us are getting smacked day after day after day….


that cbs curmudgeon, mike wallace of “cbs 60 minutes” television fame had a good old time recently getting smacked around by officers from the new york city taxi and limousine commission.


well, he must have really had a good old time, because he also got hauled off in handcuffs to a police station to get booked.


mike had dared to question the officers as to why they were abusing his driver at a stop to pick up some meatloaf.


all we heard over the next day or so was that mike thought it was some type of a lark, it was kind of funny, and the meatloaf was delicious.


it would appear the mike wallace couldn’t care less that what happened to him and his driver is something that happens day after day to taxi and limo drivers on the streets of new york city.


the officers from the taxi and limousine commission and indeed the people who run the commission are just a bunch of thugs.  they are racists and they are just plain mean.  they give out thousands of summonses and abusive language to drivers all the time.


we would challenge mike to go to the place in queens where taxi and limo drivers have to go to get their licenses.  the staff there is unbelievably rude, the facility is filthy and if you are planning on going into the bathroom, you better pull up your trousers if you don’t want them to get wet from the piss that is on the floor from the overflowing toilets.


and if mike wants a real lark, he should go out to the central taxi hold at either laguardia or kennedy airport where drivers wait for fares to manhattan.  both are sewers and the taxi and limousine staff there is really abusive.


you can bet your bottom dollar that mike wallace did not like what happened to him or his driver, but mike just figured it would be politically cool to let it slide and let the bastards get away with it.


there are some who say that mike wallace is an old fart who should retire from his television duties.


he has stabbed every taxi and limo driver in new york city in the back by turning his back on them in this situation.


mike wallace is worse than an old fart.  he is the thing that usually comes right after a fart.