he may spell his name differently, but he still is one big anti-american dummkopf….




the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” is william schulz who is the executive director of amnesty international usa.  the sergeant in the germany army he reminds us of, is sergeant schultz from an old tv show called hogan’s heros.


schultz the german soldier and required nazi was nicer to americans than willie is.  the similarity between the two is that both characters are dumb.


willie of amnesty international usa just hates the united states.  if you look at his resume of where he has worked and where he has given speeches and who he endorses, this is a guy who would be delighted if the united states just went out of existence.


he gets up every morning in his fancy house on long island and travels by the best transportation to manhattan where he can spend his day dumping on the united states.


to listen to willie and his associates at amnesty international usa, the united states is worse than the evil empire in the movie “star wars.”


you can bet your bottom dollar that he makes a terrific income working in his manhattan office.  there isn’t another country in the world in which he could say what he does and not be put in the slammer.  at the present time, he is probably guilty of sedition because we are at war and his pronouncements are giving aid and comfort to the enemy.


he says he is a minister of god and his wife says she is a minister of god.  his two children by a previous marriage are probably ministers of god also.  you could say that it is a family that is in the god business.


listen carefully willie, you big schmuck, there is a large difference between the evil of a government and the evil of some individuals in a government who eventually get caught, tried and convicted for misdeeds.


in each and every incident that amnesty international usa tells us about, the united states government was already investigating the alleged improper behavior.


the army was involved in an inquiry in afghanistan and iraq into alleged wrongdoings  in violation of strict army guidelines long before willie “discovered “some bad things.


the fbi went to the prison at guantanamo in cuba to investigate possible misdeed problems and they sure didn’t do it at the request of willie and his groovy manhattan and long island cronies who are the fat cats of this world.


only after the united states government discovers a problem and only after the united states government starts to investigate a problem does willie start whining about it.


this guy and the broad he is married to are living a life of luxury at the expense of this nation’s good name.


where does one get a copy of the financial activities of amnesty international usa and we also want to know where does one get a copy of the income tax return for the reverend schulz and his wife the reverend graham (why the different name?)


and finally, do you all know what the word “willie” means on the streets of new york city among the hard working decent people who love this country?