through the lens….


these are some of the videos that have been made.  to view them best on your computer, reduce the size of the screen by pulling in the sides with your cursor.


vancouver in british columbia invited me to go there and tell its citizens all about new york city since harmony airlines had started direct flights to the big apple. 


i am not dead is a very personal warning.  it shows how you can suddenly find yourself dead even if you are in the best of health.  i was fine on wednesday.  never took a pill.  never had a heart pain.  on thursday i was in the operating room having a very serious operation.


the travel channel did an hour special on romantic places around the world.  when it came to new york city, who else but the most romantic cab driver in the world should be the host?  this only shows the new york city segment.  watch it through to the end so you don’t miss any of the pearls of love wisdom.


the gabby cabby tour of the usa is the grand daddy of them all.  it was made during a nine week trip across the united states by edward caraballo a four time emmy winner.  sad to say, ed is currently being held in an afghanistan prison for trying to make a film about the capture of osama bin laden.  i pray he survives and returns to us.  the media of the world has done absolutely nothing to help ed. 


singapore airlines made this commercial to entice people into using their non-stop service from singapore to new york city.  it took two days to shoot and i was ready to collapse.  making a commercial is not easy.


canada am was one of the many television networks around the world that contacted me right after the world trade center attack.  in the days that followed, i had the unusual situation where i was reporting breaking news.  my role, i realized, was to report the real mood on the streets of new york city.  i did 214 live radio and television reports in a two week period.


goodfellas pizza is the largest selling pizza in ireland, northern ireland and all throughout the united kingdom.  for three summers i was their traveling spokesman in a new york city taxi that they had purchased for use in the promotion.  they claimed that their sales went up 600 per cent.


the united states army parachute team, also known as the “golden knights” invited me to jump with them at fort bragg, north carolina, the home of the special forces.  the jump was from 13,500 feet which is more than two miles up which then becomes more than two miles down.  i was hooked to another soldier.  if you think that eliminates the danger, you should try it.  by the way, i was in the united states army reserve for thirty years