here are some tips about watching movies or hearing audio on the internet…..


most people throughout the world have internet explorer as their browser with a program called windows media 10 in their computers.


this has happened because almost all computer manufacturers have made an evil deal with microsoft to supply only their software.  this has been the subject of many lawsuits against microsoft.


if you are a microsoft hostage, you should not be having a problem.  if you are, please write to me at


for those other good folks who are using netscape or some other browser, you can download a copy of quicktime which is an excellent media presenter.  make sure you download the free one.  you don’t need the “pro” one which costs money.


you should also download the real player player, another fine media program.  download the free one.


you can also download the media presenter made for internet explorer (if you do not have internet explorer.  you do not have to have internet explorer for this program to work.  you can get it at windows media 10


by having all three media programs in your computer (they take up very little space), your computer will automatically search for the right one and open that one when you find a media file you want to look at or hear.


once you have downloaded any program into your computer, it is best to re-start the computer.  frankly, you really should have media 10 and quicktime and real player in your computer.


by the way, if you are going online with high speed direct such as dsl, you will not have a problem with media files.  if you have a telephone modem, everything will work.  it will just take longer, so sit back and have a bagel with a schmear whilst you are waiting. 


if you have any questions about this, please write to me at