The British Broadcasting Company aired, over several days, a rather comprehensive documentary about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Listen carefully to these broadcasts.  You will hear the real heroes.


Peter and Lalina Franklin were given the unusual opportunity to “check out” the unit that their youngest son is in before its departure to Afghanistan.


The United States Army co-operated fully and the Franklins were given full access to the base and its soldiers.  This series of broadcasts would not have been possible if it were not for Howard Benson, a news editor of the British Broadcasting Company.


Peter Franklin served thirty years in the United States Army Reserve.  The three Franklin children are all serving in the United States Army at the present time.



1, The Franklins travel to Italy to say goodbye to their youngest son.


2. They hear about the 173rd Airborne Brigade's training for its third mission since 9/11.


3. Soldiers talk as the unit prepares to head off to Afghanistan.


4. Peter and Lalina travel to Vicenza to find out how the families left behind feel.


5. Finding out how the local people in Vicenza feel about 173rd Airborne Brigade being based in Italy.