these are gabby cabby broadcasts…..

(if you have trouble hearing them, please contact me for some audio tip



newstalk in wellington new zealand is so far away from new york city that it probably takes a long time for my words to get there.  the hosts are liam and phil and they are boys who have never been too far from the bush.


wich compared to other radio stations i deal with is just up the road in connecticut.  i have been at the station and the thing i like best about stu the host is that he has less hair than i do.


lbc is a station in London that was one of the first commercial radio stations in the world.  it was also the first radio station to call me more than twenty years ago.


4EB is in brisbane australia and damian is a host that i have been talking to for years.  i don’t whether of not he has a kangaroo so i shall have to go there one day to find out.


newstalk in dublin ireland is hosted by declan who sounds like he is a small leprechaun, but we know he is not.  he has a very large audience and deals with current events.


kbs is in trail british columbia.  wayne kelly is the man who fights the blizzards to get to the station to call me.  i can never complain to him about cold weather.


bbc wm is the place to find danny kelly, a broadcaster who is sure to call when anything is happening in new york city.  his show covers a huge area of the uk.


kdka in pittsburgh is the oldest commercial radio station on-the-air in the united states.  the host, paul rasmussen, called me on thanksgiving day to find out how new yorkers were enjoying our turkey.  as usual on a holiday, i get flooded with phone calls.  this day i did 37 broadcasts for stations around the world.  i estimated the total number of listeners in 71 countries was 300 million.


shannonside is in shannon ireland of course.  on this broadcast, i suggested that maybe people should stay away from new york city for their buying trips and why use the local merchants in ireland instead.  joe finnigan is the host and i made him and the stores in ireland very happy.  i like to tell the truth.


rthk is the main english speaking radio station in china.  i have been on it for more than 15 years.  in the old days, we did it by telephone link.  now i do it here in nyc with their chief correspondent neil chase.  their audience makes me the most heard american in asia.


ram fm is a station broadcasting in the middle east and it has an unusual audience of both moslems and jews in israel and palestine.  john berks is the host of this show.  we got mixed up with the change from daylight saving time.


bbc afghanistan was complicated broadcast in which i had to first get in contact with a u.s. army unit in a combat zone.  then, it had to be edited and sent to london.  i left some of the off air conversation with the engineer in london on this segment for your listening enjoyment.


bbc kent is ofcourse in england and everyone on this station has a very british accent.


red fm is in cork ireland.  the host is victor barry and i have had dinner with him in “curry in a hurry” in new york city.  how is that for an international meeting?


chnl is in kamloops british columbia.  this town has many travelers.  i have given oodles of new york city tours to folks from here.


radio forth covers a good part of scotland and i call the host, john the school teacher, because that is exactly what he is when he is not working on the radio.


ocean fm is a station that is in the uk and it was having a contest to send two of its listeners to new york city.  as part of the promotion, the station turned to the expert on new york city….me.  the host is steve randell.


cjad and cfrb is a rare case where a show is heard in two cities, not as a syndicate, but just because of its popularity.  the host is peter anthony holder who is in addition to his broadcast talents, an expert on trivia.


east coast radio is just outside of dublin and this broadcast was done mainly to talk about the changing seasons in new york city.  laura did the work for the usual host who was away.


mantalk internet radio is a perfect example of the new concept in radio.  these are stations that do not have broadcast facilities, but use the internet with audio streaming instead.  their audiences are huge and are heard all over the world.


peter and curtis is a good radio combination.  it is me and curtis sliwa who is the host of the wabc morning drive show in new york city.  he is the guy that started the guardian angels.  this particular segment runs about 45 minutes so just sit back and enjoy.  the other clips on this page are only a few minutes each.


gwr fm has hosts howard and roo.  the station is located in wiltshire in the united kingdom.  they do like their spot of tea.


bbc five live is a network show in the united kingdom which can also be heard on the internet.  it has a very large audience.  this particular show is an example of what they do every saturday night from new york city.  the show is one hour long and i am on it most of the time.  the host in london is sarfraz. 


krwn is in farmington, new mexico.  it covers an area of 700,000 cowboys and indians.  shawn is the morning drive man.  his listeners want to know what is happening in a big city. 


wgy is the station in albany, the capitol of new york state.  almost all of the state politicians listen to don weeks who might be the longest running on air talk show host in the nation.


bbc midlands wanted to know about the effect the arrest of the airplane bombers to be in england had on new york city, so of course they called the maestro of the city streets.


bbc cleveland also wanted to know what was going on with the security at our airports whilst scotland yard was rounding up the bad people.


whog is in florida and because of that it has lots of former new yorkers listening.  they call me so those folks can remember what a new yorker sounds like instead of a florida drawl person.


northsound is in scotland and the host is cammy campbell.  we did a quick run through on some of the latest true tales from new york city.


moray forth also in scotland is one of those stations that generally calls on sundays which makes the broadcasts somewhat relaxed.  i had to be reminded on air what the joke du jour was.  maybe i was too relaxed?  jason rose is the host.


106.8 fm in dublin asked me about christmas being stolen from new york city in december 2005 because the rats who make up the transport workers union went out on strike.  i almost lost my cool speaking with chris barry..


krmg of tulsa, oklahoma was the first station to call me about the new york city reaction to our police starting to search people who are entering the subways.  this turned out to be a hot story because i was really flooded with calls from stations all around the world and the united states.  john erling is the host at this station.  he obviously is quick on the draw.


bbc birmingham called me when i was fast asleep in the garage.  danny kelly of bbc birmingham wanted to ask me about the new york city reaction to the four bombings in london.  you can hear my annoyance when he asked me to “start over” for the actual broadcast.  my thought was, “is this guy auditioning me?”  this is your opportunity to hear how these broadcasts are created.  this broadcast gave me the opportunity to mention that the new york times and the associated press once again stuck in their own political views in a news event.  actions such as the bombings which have a new york city connection bring out a flood of requests for my broadcasts.  in the two days after the attacks, i did 43 live broadcasts on the subject to an estimated 13 million radio listeners.


newstalk zb in wellington called me and i told garry ward that russell crowe is afraid to fight me.  after he hit a hotel porter in the face with a telephone here in nyc, i invited the new zealand born actor to try it with me.  he hasn’t shown up yet.  the station’s broadcasting extends over the lower north island and the top of the south island. they told me that “we had a listening audience of 120,000 plus and we love having the gabby cabby on our programme.”


bbc five and the presenter dalya raphael wanted to know the story about mayor bloomberg’s quest for the olympics and a new stadium in manhattan.  the story  was that most people in the big apple did not want either of them.  my broadcasts are generally funny, but i love the occasional opportunity to let folks know what the real deal is by giving a news report….my style is a great deal different than what the “professionals” do. 


signal 1 is a commercial radio station in the united kingdom.  in this particular instance i had a lapse in memory and got into a very funny conversation with the host, andrew goulding.  the best part of this broadcast is listening to how we handled my mental decline.


rte is the major radio and television network in ireland.  the presenter is pat kenny who is probably one of the most well known personalities in ireland.  he is currently the broadcaster with whom i have talked on the radio for the longest time which is close to 15 years.  i have had a corned beef sandwich with him in a bronx delicatessen and i have had a corned beef sandwich with him in a dublin pub.   he called me to find out how new yorkers were reacting to the death of the pope.


bbc five is the gem of the british broadcasting corporation for people who either can’t sleep at night or work at night.  it was created to keep up with the changing listening patterns of the people.  the host of this show is richard bacon who is pretty groovy for a bbc presenter.


rem fm sits on the spanish riveria where they get no snow.  so, as a regular contributor i gave them a complete report as to just how bad we got it in new york city during a winter storm.  the presenter is maurice boland who is probably hiding out from scotland yard…..only kidding.  his radio station is heard by thousands of retirees and vacationers from the united kingdom and elsewhere who like the warmer weather of spain along the costa del sol.


kmox is a cbs radio station in st. louis, missouri which has a huge listening audience throughout the midwest and western part of the united states.  this program is a classic late night radio show.  the host john carney is a sweetie pie to his listeners.  on this show, he talks about a visit i made to a talk show host “the puffman” in shelby montana on ksen.  he is jerry puffer.


west fm is in ayr, scotland and its market is the glasgow area also.  during this broadcast the presenter colin mcardle pulled a fast one on me.

wbal is a major station in the united states. it is located in baltimore, maryland and covers a huge area.  i have been with them for years on an almost weekly basis.  the host is dave durian.

95fm in limerick, ireland is in a town with a pretty famous name.  i spoke to ed myers.  there was a debate going on as to whether or not cops should carry guns in ireland.  why not ask someone for a report who travels the streets of new york city where we have wall to wall cops with guns?


bbc leeds is located of course in leeds england, but it is quite the station because it has martin kelner on it.  when i was in leeds he took me to a chinese restaurant for dinner.  he is not, however, chinese.


cjay is out in western canada in calgary.  when these folks call, i always have visions of them just being at some rodeo, bucking a few horses, and then coming into the studio to catch up with the big apple.  jerry forbes is the host.


wowo is typical of the radio stations in middle america.  the listeners get up listening to it, they drive to work listening to it, and when they are on the way home they listen to it.  national advertisers do not realize the type of loyal (buying) listeners this type of station has.  it is located in fort wayne, indiana.  charly butcher is the host.


talk sport used to be called talk radio in the united kingdom.  i think it is the number one commercial station in terms of listeners and it certainly gives the bbc a run for its money.  within minutes of the announcement of the death of president ronald reagan, this station called me for a report.


cjad is in montreal canada.  the host is fearless.  he lets me say anything i want.  that is probably why this station has received the most complaints about me.  i guess i should be speaking in french and english as is the general law in that area of canada.  peter anthony holder is the host.


british broadcasting corporation is the national radio network in the united kingdom that is heard by millions of radio listeners.  it is acknowledged as the premier radio broadcasting company in the world.  this is a report that was broadcasted on the tenth year anniversary (march 27, 2004) of my contributions.


national public radio (u.s.) is a broadcasting service that i don’t always agree with.  i think it is a bit anti-american most of the time and i don’t like the way it constantly mooches money from the public.  but, this broadcast is spectacular.


bbc berkshire is a local bbc station that has a presenter i have spoken to on various other stations throughout the years.  he is one of the best with a great english accent.  the host is phil kennedy.


rthk is the radio station of hong kong and into the mainland of the people’s republic of china.  i have been with them for more than thirteen years starting my broadcasting with them whilst the territory was under the control of the british.  natalie haughton is the presenter.


ksen is what is known as a “small market” because it broadcasts to shelby montana and the county around it.  although it is subject to the disdain of the  ‘large market” stations, the critical thing is that its listeners (good folks) actually buy things that they hear about on the radio.  the host, jerry puffer, is as close as you could get to will rogers and it is for that reason, i consider this particular broadcast an example of wonderful radio.


bbc foyle is a station in northern irelandmichael bradley is the host.  it is a wonderful mix of british and irish listening pleasure.  mark patterson is the host. 


bbc kent is station in kent englandbecause of the difference in time between kent and new york city, this is one of those stations that gets me up quite early in the morning.  pat marsh is the presenter. 


lbc is in london englandit is was the first commercial station in the united kingdom going up against the bbc.  it was the second radio station i was ever on.  the first was the bbc world service. 


money pit is a nationally syndicated program in the united states.  it is a home improvement show that gets its name from that very funny movie which was made a number of years ago. 


tour of shame is a show that was on national bbc.  it is a discussion of a very unusual tour given by the gabby cabby in new york city.


bbc wales had a segment about people suing people in the united kingdom.  so, they wanted to know what was the deal in new york city in the court system.


chnl is in kamloops, british columbia, canada.  on this one you get the chance to hear a little of the off-the-air chatter.  they love to hear me tease them canadians as to how the usa invented hockey.  peter olsen is the host.


cjch is in halifax, nova scotia, canada.  they wanted to talk about the new york yankees and the new york rangers and some of the other professional sports teams in new york city.