Fruit Sorbet


Here is a recipe that is so easy.Yeah, once again, I have an easy recipe :)Double, triple or multiply as many times as you want or make half of this amount if itís only one of you.†† This recipe satisfies the fruit and desert portions of your meal!Keeps down the calories and fat and cholesterol and adds fiber!What more can you ask.


ĺ c mango juice

ľ cup milk (optional)

1 to 2 tablespoons of lime juice (optional to taste)

1 tablespoon or less sugar/splenda/honey (optional)


Pour the mango juice into an ice cube tray and freeze solid.


Once you have mango ice cubes, place them in the bowl of a food processor or blender and process or blend quickly.Use any kind of milk, fat free, 2%, whole, cream, whatever floats your boat.OR use some mango juice or water.


Once the cubes are totally processed/blended dish up the sorbet, garnish with whatever you want and serve.


Now was I right?How much easier can you get?


If mango is not your thing, use any kind of juice you like, or fruit nectar or frozen fruit.Use water or milk or any kind of juice you wish to lighten the sorbet.If you use a blender, you definitely will need to use a liquid to help the blender.


Last night, I made watermelon sorbet.I used a food processor and no liquid other than the lime juice to brighten the melon flavor.


If the fruit you want to use is not as sweet as you want, add some sugar.


The only draw back to this recipe is that it really canít be made too much in advance.If you do, make it the day before; just leave it out on the counter for a few mins to soften up before you serve.The consistency should be of soft serve ice cream.


What I usually do is make the sorbet when I am ready to dish dinner, place it in the freezer and then pull it out when I am ready to serve desert.