citrus chicken with broccoli and green peppers and wild rice


2 large skinless boneless chicken breasts (about 16 oz each)

1 cup ‘mojo’ (can be purchased in the Spanish aisle)or any other citrus juice marinade

1 large bunch broccoli (use the florets with about 1” stalk and reserve the rest for another time)

1 yellow or red pepper julienne

2 large garlic cloves sliced very thinly

11/2 cups wild rice


slice the chicken into ˝” medallions, across the grain

whisk marinade and oil together and pour over the chicken, mix so the chicken is well coated. marinade 24 hours.


boil water for the pasta and when water is ready, cook the broccoli until bright green.  drain broccoli, and place in a hot skillet with cook spray and cook the garlic for about 60 seconds.  add the julienne yellow pepper.  stir fry about 5 mins, add the reserved marinade and let it cook 60 seconds, now add 1 teaspoon of olive oil into pan and the broccoli, stir well and turn off heat.


preheat broiler, cover cookie sheet with foil for easy cleanup.  lay chicken pieces in one layer (reserving marinade) and broil for 5 mins or till you can see brown flecks the chicken.  pour accumulated pan juices into a bowl,  turn chicken pieces over and broil further 5 mins or till you see browned bits.


while chicken is cooking, start the rice, add only half the water called for in the recipe.  once you drain off the accumulated juices, measure, add water to bring the liquid to the correct amount and add to the rice and continue to cook the rice as necessary.


when the chicken is fully done, you will have some more pan juices, serve that over the chicken.


this is very yummy.  end off the meal with a piece of pound cake and a lot of sliced chilled fruit.  mmm, mmm good!


this recipe will serve four.  if you have big eaters, add bread and olive oil or butter to the table and of course start your meal with a soup!  the great extender.