South Western Pepper Steak


1 cup rice

1 lb flank steak cut diagonally into 1/8x2 slices

1 package chili seasoning

(or 2 teaspoons chili powder, 1 teaspoon ground cumin, teaspoon salt, cup flour)

1 medium onion cut vertically in 1/8 strips

1 each red, yellow and green peppers cut in 1/8 strips

1 14oz can of diced tomato

(whole tomato crushed or stewed tomato instead of diced can be used)

2 teaspoons oil

cook spray


prepare rice as usual.


while rice is cooking, heat a large skillet on medium heat, spray with cook spray, add half of oil, onion and peppers and stir fry for 3 minutes. remove to a bowl and set aside.


add rest of the oil to skillet and return to heat till hot. add the beef and stir fry till no longer pink, add the chili seasoning and cook 2 minutes stirring so all the meat is coated with the seasoning, add the tomato, undrained, to the skillet and bring to a boil. add the reserved vegetables and stir till mixed and heated through.


serve with the rice. you can add warmed flour tortillas, corn, shredded lettuce, tomato, cheese to round out and extend the meal. iced tea or cold beer and a flan to end the meal.


serves 4. about 20 minutes total time. you can use stir fry beef cut and ready from the store, and frozen mixed peppers. if using frozen peppers, just add after meat is cooked and let through.