I like typing in comic sans ms.  It is my favorite font.


Oh well, let us take a look at my history.  You should click on the links for more info as you read all of this.


My first introduction to newspapers was when I was in third grade at Public School 35 in The Bronx.  I lived at 940 Grand Concourse and I sold my newspaper which I printed on a small toy printing press with movable rubber type.  It was called “Laugh and Smile” and just about everyone in the building bought it.  I had a movie review and other assorted news each week.


For my seventh and eighth grade, our family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where my father was working with his brother in law in the scrap metal business.  I delivered something called “The Shopping News” each week.  It was a free publication and I can remember delivering hundreds of papers.  Many times, my dad had to help me.


When we came back to New York City I went to Stuyvesant High School which then and today is considered one of the finest public schools in the nation.  I was reporter on The Spectator.


In my junior and senior year, I worked after school as a copy boy/messenger on the New York Herald Tribune which was one of the finest newspapers in the United States.  It was eventually gobbled up by the New York Times.


While at The City College of New York, I started out as reporter doing both news and sports.  I became one of the editors on the Observation Post, one of the two student newspapers at the college.


After college, I started working at the New York Times as a messenger, then a copy boy, then a news clerk, then a news assistant and then a full staff byline reporter.  My boss was Clifton Daniel who was the son in law of President Harry Truman.  I was the youngest full staff reporter on the New York Times at that time and I would suggest I was probably one of the youngest in the history of the newspaper.


After the New York Times, I got involved in the taxi business and out of that came the Gabby Cabby.  As such, I became the voice of New York City talking through the years to hundreds of radio and television stations around the world.  I have done thousands of live broadcasts.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, I am probably the most heard person in the world.


I did a total of thirty years in the United States Army Reserve and today our three children are career army officers.


I did a weekly show called Upallnight on the BBC for three years.  The segment I did was called “The New York Hour” even though it ran for ninety minutes. 


Through the years I have written ooodles of magazine articles about subjects that are interesting to me.  The very first article that I wrote for a magazine was for Flying Magazine since I happen to have a pilot’s license and have had one for fifty years.


People like to write about me.  I have been featured in many inflight magazines.  I have written a book and I am now working on my next book.


I have done lots of videos and here are some for you to look at.  Keep in mind that when you download a video on to your computer, it may take some time, but once you look at it and if you do not save it, it will leave your computer.


Blizzard for CNN


Singapore Airlines


AT & T commercial


See the USA with me